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Electric Chain Hoists

Kasen Cranes Ltd supply high quality European manufactured Electric Chain Hoists up to 6.3 tonnes capacity to the UK industrial lifting workplace.

We can supply, install and repair all types and makes of Electric Chain Hoists with various modes of suspension. Additionally we also keep stock of a number of refurbished hoist units which could be suitable for your needs should a brand new unit be unnecessary.

Types of Electric Chain Hoist:

Fixed Position Electric Chain Hoists- Manufactured for basic installations where the hoist will be fitted in a static position generally with either a top hook suspension or eye suspension unit.

Monorail Electric Chain Hoists- Designed to be ‘underslung’ on either a manually operated push/pull trolley or a motorized power travel trolley both options running horizontally along the bottom flange of the beam with a standard trolley headroom configuration.

Low Headroom Electric Chain Hoists- Fitted with specially designed powered travel trolley configuration designed to gain the maximum hook path in applications where headroom is critical or where hoist dimensions need to be kept to a minimum and allowing the hook to lift right up to the underside of the beam.

When specifying your Electric Chain Hoist we will need to know the following:

  • Maximum load to be lifted – this will determine the SWL capacity of the hoist.
  • Height of lift – Generally standard HOL is 3 metres but additional chain can be supplied to suit required lift height.
  • Supply voltage – Most hoist units in the UK run on 400v 3ph 50hz power supplies, however, we can supply single phased hoists in either 110v or 220v ac.
  • Approximate usage – I.E. number of lifts per hour, weight of loads lifted, this information will tell us the duty rating required for the application and ensure that you get the correct hoist motor.
  • Lift & travel speeds required if known – We will usually offer you speeds to consider.
  • Beam flange width (if applicable) – This will determine the size of the beam trolley if you need one.

Other Options:

Limit Switches- Offered as standard on some hoists and optional on others, upper and lower limit switches allow the user to set extremely accurate positions for the maximum and minimum hook paths to ensure that the user cannot accidentally lift or lower the load too far and damage something unintentionally. Often used to avoid bulky loads from damaging the hoist body.

Radio Remote Control- As an alternative to a wired pendant control, our Electric Chain Hoists can be supplied with a radio control system which enables the operator to stand at a safe, remote distance from the load. This has the added advantage that the operator can stand at a position to be able to see the load from a better angle, and yet remain at a safe distance from the load during lifting operations. A radio control will give better flexibility when operating the hoist in general.

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